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Differentiated homework sheets

DT example provided but could be applied to most subject areas.

Stepped tasks – increasing in difficulty.

Developments for Practicals (1)


Give it a try!!

Go to website and download a set of images for your class. Cut and paste your class list into Plickers. Then give out a plicker shape to all students. Put some questions into plickers and use an phone or tablet to scan the class as they vote with their Plicker card by the position they hold it. The results show up live on screen. Students don’t need device just teacher.

App available on android and apple devices.

Students create key words linked to learning adding up to the most points.

Literacy and numeracy combined.

Could even create boards in their books of keywords and add up values.

Laminated sets of cards could be created for your teacher toolbox, alternatively project on the whiteboard. Once the students start, they don’t want to stop. 

Excellent resource for planning lessons and differentiated outcomes/objectives

blooms taxonomy jcg

Tell me why!


Students are given the question and answer.. they must simply tell you why it is correct!

Question Matrix

A great through the door activity… Write a tweet or a Facebook status, keep it brief but summarise what we learnt last lesson.

How about it? A place in a classroom where students can reflect on their learning.

Differentiate it yourself! Template

Start at Q4 – All students answer this. Students then choose their direction. If they found Q4 easy they can continue to Q5,6,7 however if they struggled with Q4 they can build their knowledge by answering Q1,2.3. Great activity allowing everyone to make progress.